One Horizon Group, Inc.

The Carrier Solution

The next five years signal a period of a global explosion of smartphones and mobile VoIP, Over the Top (OTT) apps.  In 2013, 919 million smartphones are expected to ship globally, surpassing feature phones for the first time ever.  As the total number of smartphones shipped grows, OTT applications gain more and more popularity around the world.  OTT applications drive voice minutes and SMS to data, curtailing carrier revenues.  Furthermore, the current fat transmission footprint of SIP-based VoIP clogs spectrum and infrastructure.

One Horizon saves you money

Smartphones consume 24 times more data than feature phones, while tablets consume 120 times more data than smartphones. All of which leads to deteriorating network data and call service quality, regardless of the capabilities of the wireless network. More demand for minutes, messaging and data places a severe stress on carrier economics due to customer churn, OTT voice revenue cannibalization, and explosive capital spending requirements.

One Horizon Group

Enter One Horizon.

One Horizon is the world’s most efficient mobile VoIP platform and it enables global operators to preserve existing revenue, improve caller experience, reduce customer churn and significantly increase bandwidth efficiency. It transforms mobile OTT communications by providing a scalable, flexible end-to-end IP communications network solution that bridges PSTN (calls over traditional lines from the phone company) and IP communications, both inbound and outbound.

One Horizon in the app store

One Horizon’s white-labeled, total solution for carriers connects with any phone system using optimized IP technology and works via EDGE, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi, WiMax or Satellite IP. In addition to seamless and inexpensive mobile-to-mobile calling anywhere in the world, it includes messaging of text, video and photos; the capability to send multi-media ads to subscribers; and has a turnkey solution that integrates with operators’ existing billing platforms.

One Horizon offers a turnkey, Carrier-grade solution that is a white-label, carrier branded app downloadable via iTunes and Google Play. It is a complete end-to-end solution that is operator owned and managed, has 10 times higher returns on new mobile data infrastructure, has a mature mobile advertising and content distribution platform, and carrier grade billing and provisioning and conference call capability scales to 100+ participants and integrates with the enterprise Microsoft Lync UCC solution.

Savings with Horizon
GSM provider per MB $1.40
GSM provider per minute $3.00
Operator termination price to landline $0.01
Horizon terminated minuntes per MB (call quality 3) $17.56
Horizon price per minute $0.09
Savings with Horizon 97.1%

Importantly, with One Horizon, global carriers can customize Features and Pricing consistent with carrier business strategy. This includes displacing “free” OTT apps with a high quality branded offering, creating differential tariffs with circuit-switched calls moving from premium to packet-switched calls or offering lower tariffs to VoIP-based calls on lower wholesale SIP interconnections. This frees circuit-switched bandwidth and offers free app-to-app calls or messaging to reduce load on circuit-switched networks. Additional sales drivers include recapturing lost voice and messaging revenue and engaging in profile-based in-app advertising.

One Horizon offers dramatic savings on international roaming via bandwidth efficiency where calls can be made and received using GSM data roaming or WiFi and operators can break-out the PSTN minutes. Target markets include subscribers with loved ones overseas, travelers outside your territory, overseas visitors in your territory and international business calls.

One Horizon best consumer calling experience

One Horizon ensures a superior consumer calling experience since it accommodates the ability to make mobile VoIP calls app-to-app and app-to-anything (GSM, VoIP and analog fixed phones, PCs, etc.) where mobile VoIP connections are crystal clear. Efficient wireless bandwidth use reduces dropped calls from congested networks. One Horizon has an intuitive user-friendly design with fully integrated SMS and social media functions. One Horizon’s white-labeled solution becomes your brand and becomes the #1 button on your branded smartphone.

One Horizon Group

One Horizon offers the world’s most efficient carrier-grade, mobile VoIP platform with 10 times more VoIP calls across existing spectrum and 10 times higher returns on new mobile data infrastructure. The One Horizon solution enables carriers to control monetization and retain control of customer relationship.

One Horizon offers an edge in the new world of mobile VoIP.